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Services Provided at Underwater Centre:

Diver Training.

We offer all levels of PADI training

Japanese Instructor "Yuji" on staff



Dive Equipment: Sales, Service and Hire.



Training is provided in association with the PADI developed training modules.

Trained staff are available to provide courses from Snorkeling thru to IDC Staff Instructor.

TUC has the most qualified and experienced PADI Instructors in the BOP. TUC has..

Course Directors including DSAT Tec Deep
Master Instructor - 10 years
Master Scuba Diver Trainers
Openwater Scuba Instructors.
TDI Technical Instructors
Emergency First Response Instructors.
DAN O2 Instructor
Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer.
Specialty Instructor Trainer
Heated salt water Pool
We are able to teach 21 specialty courses including ENRICHED AIR,Cavern,Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Photography , Videography and more
Recreational Courses
PADI Open Water Diver

PADI Advanced Openwater Diver

PADI Rescue Diver
PADI Specialities
Master of a Small Dive Boat
PADI Dive Master
PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Open Water Instructor
PADI Speciality Instructor
DSAT Tecnical Deep, Advanced Nitrox, Deco

Dive Equipment

TUC stocks equipment from the following companies...

Sherwood - Top Dealer of the year 2001 - 2004

Aquanaut ( US Divers, Aqualung )

Seaquest Suunto DUI Sea & Sea

Apollo- Genesis



Underwater Kinetics

Free Diving (Picasso, Immersion, Beuchat)

We carry a large range ex-stock so there are little delays for many items you may wish to purchase.


Dive Trips

We  have  charter boats leaving from the Shop each weekend during the summer. Mid week trips available on demand. Midweek evening and Night trips are now running, depart shop at 6 pm.

Dive Sites

Over 60 species of fish are known from the area. Common species in shallow, rocky areas include black angelfish, leatherjackets, hiwihiwi, marblefish, paketi, banded wrasse and red moki. Two spot demoiselles, sweep and blue maomao occur widely and red mullet or goatfish are common in sandy areas. Moray eels and stingrays are seen in parts and schools of koheru, kingfish, trevally and pink maomao often congregate near pinnacles and deeper water dropoffs. Subtropical species sometimes seen include Lord Howe coralfish, long finned boarfish, down toado and crimson cleanerfish.

Astrolabe Reef
This is an outstanding outlying reef with plentiful fish life.This reef structure just breaks the surface at low tide, roughly halfway between Motiti and Mayor Islands. It is renowned for pristine water (great photography), spectacular drop-offs to 37m or more and shallow plateaus alive with fish and the occasional seal. Known for its gullies, caves and swim-throughs, this dive site has everything.This is a stellar scenic experience with visibility from 6-30m.
Penguin Shoals A Beautiful dive site with the top at 22 metres. This dive site is a small rock half way to Mayor Island. It tops out at 22 metres and drops off with vertical walls to about 60 Metres. Large numbers of Pelagic species can be seen at this site. A popular fishing spot for Kingi's
Plate Island
This area offers a beautiful scenic dive and is home to many seals.
Karewa Island
This wildlife sanctuary 12km from Mt Maunganui offers good diving and snorkelling with visibility to 9m. The Taranaki shipwreck lies on the northern side of the island.

Motiti Island
This island is 23km offshore and offers good diving in sheltered bays with reefs from 5-22m deep. In common with other Bay of Plenty islands the crayfish (lobster), paua (abalone) and scallops can readily be found.

Mayor Island marine reserve
This area is 40km NE from Tauranga. Diverse underwater terrain. Pristine waters. Excellent marine life. Sea floor very interesting, with caves and dropoffs. Best areas – Western Bay, Cathedral Bay, Bait Pond, Crater Bay. Two popular reefs in the area are Tahua Reef and Twenty Fathom Reef.

The marine reserve was established in January 1993. It covers about three square nautical miles at the northern end of the island and extends from mean high water springs mark to one nautical mile offshore. The reserve includes about 5 kms of coastline from Tumutu Point east to Turanganui Point. Within the marine reserve a “mixed weed‘ zone occurs from low tide mark to depths of 6-9m. Rock girdles are the most common seaweeds, but a variety of other brown, red and green species also characterises the zone. Scattered amongst these weeds and beyond the depth limits of the zone there are often dense concentrations of sea urchins or kina. These graze on seaweeds and so reduce some areas to the appearance of bare rock. From about 3-30 metres, paddleweed kelp forms dense forests wherever rock bottoms are present. Beneath these canopies there may be other smaller algal species in addition to “bushy‘ or “encrusting‘ animals such as hydroids, bryozoans, sponges, ascidians, soft corals and anemones. Cup corals, extensive areas of lace coral and beds of black coral also occur in these deeper areas of water. Other subtidal animals include large black spiny sea urchins, chitons, snails and limpets, feather stars, brittle stars, starfish, sea cucumbers, rock lobsters and crabs.
Taioma Wreck Dive The Taioma, , a name derived from two maori words, Tai - meaning water or tide, and Oma, meaning running with. The Taioma - "Running with the Tide". A WW2 tug, she is sitting on the sand in 27 meters of water, on the SE side of Motiti Island.

T ank Fills

While you wait, or leave your tanks in our large storage area for collection on your way to the boat for your next trip.

NITROX panel on site.  Fills to meet your requirements!!

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